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Welcome to our group

Founded in 1980, Grupo Rodríguez Villar is made up of a group of companies, which cover various fields of activity in important sectors of activity, characterized by its open expansion in national and international.

The adaptation of the Group companies to the needs of the Market has been an example of a business strategy. The fact that the vast majority of investments have been directed towards the hospitality, services and leisure sectors, with actions focused mainly on the City of Barcelona and its area of ​​influence, due to the strategic situation of this area as a growing tourist enclave and With one of the highest levels of per capita income in the state. As a significant indicator of the importance of the group, it suffices to mention that its companies provide 250 jobs and that the annual turnover figure, related to 2017, is around 120 million Euros.



c/ Gran Vía Corts Catalanes ,756 Bajos – 08013 Barcelona –
Tel. 93.467.71.23 – Fax 93.467.76.33 mail: [email protected]